Outpost Downloads


All Outpost programs run on Microsoft Windows O/S from 98 Second Edition through Windows 10. Additionally. Outpost runs on Linux with Wine 1.6.4 or greater. To download the latest installation program, click on the DOWNLOAD NOW link to download it to your PC from the website.

Outpost Packet Message Manager

This program installs the latest supported release of Outpost including all programs, documents, samples, and required setup files to get Outpost up and running. See the Readme File for more details.

Release: 3.4 c024 | 6 June 2021 | SUPPORT
MD5 Key: 0f99c30697b6a9086b8e1c10e157fa99 (See below)

ICS213 Message Maker, Stand-alone

This is a stand-alone installation program for the Ics213mm program. Use this installer when setting up a remote PC that does not need the entire Outpost suite.

Release: Version: 3.2 c034 | 9 May 2017
MD5 Key: 175c63b76d5f01ed25a790b55b0ad60d (See below)

Calculating MD5

MD5 is a 16 byte “fingerprint” of, in this case, the Outpost installation files posted here. Since I set this value when I post the program, you can confirm that nothing has changed when you download it with this method. After you download the file, click on this MD5 File Checksum tool, and drag the executable into the upper space to calculate the MD5. Check this number against what is listed above. It it is the same, great; what you downloaded is what I posted. If it does not match, contact kn6pe immediately.