General Information 27-Mar-07: The AA4RE BBS software was written by Roy Engehausen/AA4RE with later Y2K fixes by Mike Fahmie/WA6ZTY and Bo Lindfors/N9UH. This BBS is compatible in look and feel with the W0RLI or WA7MBL BBSs.

See the reference below for features and revision history.

In 1990, Bill WN6I implemented the tactical call scheme that prompts the user to enter a tactical call sign after the initial BBS connect. Once entered, all message traffic is identified, stored, and retrieved by that tactical call.
References http://www.bbsdocumentary.com/software/IBM/DOS/AA4RE/
User Settings AA4RE BBS users must be registered and set up as EXPERTS on that BBS before starting any Outpost sessions. The following AA4RE commands should be executed during a manual BBS session before using Outpost.

Registration BBS Commands
First time users may be prompted to register with the BBS with one or more registration commands. If this is the case, the user may be continuously reminded to register every time you log on until you do so. The commands are:

H N : help for all "N" commands
NH : Enter your 'Home BBS'. Aids in routing messages to you.
NN : Enter your first name into user data base.
NZ : Enter your zip code into user data base.

Expert and Paging Commands
You must set yourself up as an EXPERT user on the BBS before using Outpost with AA4RE. Manually log on to the BBS, and enter the command here.

NE : Toggle your "expert user" status.

You also must turn Paging off. This "feature" was originally built into many BBSs to accommodate a time when we used dumb terminals that didn't have much display memory and we didn't want messages to fly by w/o seeing the text. Manually log on to the BBS, and enter the command here.

NS l w : Change your screen size info. l = length, w = width.
Set "NS 0 0" to disable paging.
Outpost Notes
SID = none

The AA4RE does not identify with a SID. To address this, the Outpost BBS setup has been modified with an option for the user to explicitly identify the AA4RE BBS. By setting this option, Outpost will define all prompts and process AA4RE messages as usual.

The AA4RE Prompts do not appear to be configurable; Outpost will default to "Help>" (note: no spaces).

  1. Outpost will automatically determine the BBS prompt for a AA4RE BBS.
  2. The Tactical Call Sign implementation adds an additional prompt for a tactical call. These prompts are pre-defined by RACES (in Santa Clara County's case), and comply with a 6 character limitation. Outpost supports this customization with a setup option on the Outpost BBS setup form. Note the additional tactical call prompt in the log on sequence.
cmd:c w6xsc-1
cmd:*** CONNECTED to W6XSC-1
Please enter your tactical call sign
Hello KN6PE and welcome to the W6XSC Emergency BBS!

Type H if you need Help>
Msg# TR Size To From Date/Time Subj
467 PN 220 XYZEOC ABCEOC 0120/1510 ABC153: New Addr
Type H if you need Help>
BBS Notes
2995: Outpost has been confirmed to work well with both the AA4RE standard and AA4RE Tactical Call Customization BBS. While KN6PE has direct access to the Customized AA4RE version, there hasn't been implementation of the standard AA4RE version within the Bay Area since 2005. Also, there have been no reported instances of this BBS in production elsewhere.
The following is a typical listing of the AA4RE BBS that could be seen by Outpost.

cmd:connect WA6ZTY
Welcome Jim to the WA6ZTY mailbox in Berkeley!
807 bulletins have arrived since your last listing.
We list your Home BBS as N6LDL, type "REGISTER" to update.

You have mail waiting for you.
To list this mail, type LU
To read this mail, type RM
When you are done, erase the mail by typing KM
Type H if you need Help>
Msg# TR Size To From Date/Time Subj
13305 PN 156    KN6PE@N6LDL. KN6PE 0917/0500 PE116: RT: WA6ZTY
13304 P+ 10     KN6PE@N6LDL. KN6PE 0917/0455 prompt check
7987  PN 1073   KN6PE        N6PRW 0627/0057 Packet Nodes
7949  PN 503    KN6PE        N6PRW 0626/2057 FW: QTC 1 R… -263)
215   PY 1004   WA6ZTY       KN6PE 0712/0505 REPLY: NTS traffic
213   PY 456    WA6ZTY       KN6PE 0703/1809 Field Day NTS Msgs
174   PY 788    WA6ZTY       KN6PE 1120/0441 NTS and Packet
Type H if you need Help>
R 7987
To : KN6PE
Date : 040626/2147
Msgid : PN 7966@WA6ZTY $7966_WA6ZTY
Subject : Packet Nodes

Increase the efficiency of burst data. Untested, at the moment (just poked around during field day) Max settings below
(snip, snip, snip)
Also, would be a good idea to use RTS/CTS when talking to the TNC (and make sure its on using RTS/CTS) for a bit of flow control to the TNC, since you send all of the data at once.

----- End of message 7987 from N6PRW @ WA6ZTY... -----
Type H if you need Help>
K 7987
Message 7987 has been killed!
Type H if you need Help>