Outpost Packet Message Manager

Release Information



Version 3.1c041 Release
31 January 2016

This release applies the following changes to the base v3.1c034 release:

ER#1296: Resolves UAC Runtime Error #9.

Version 3.1c036 Release
25 January 2016

This release applies the following changes to the base v3.1c034 release:

ER#1293: Change to allow UAC Logon to be entered as lower or upper case.
ER#1294: UAC Apply Logic adjustment.
ER#1295: When creating a new UAC, now defaults to lower case; can be manually changed to Upper Case if necessary.

Version 3.1c035 Release
24 January 2016

This release applies the following changes to the base v3.1c034 release:

#1291: Correct the handling of the BPQ "RMS:" tags; replaces "RMS:" and "RMS/" to "rms:"
#1292: Fixes Winlink Acct Password field edit to auto up-shift the password as it is entered.

Version 3.1c034 Release
15 January 2016

This release specific enhancements needed to support the Winlink Secure Logon feature.  Changes in this release include the following:

#1099: Adds BBS User Access Controls for managing Telnet Passwords associated with a user.
#1278: Adds support for Winlink Secure Logon.
#1284: Removes support for Winlink Telnet Transparency Mode.
#1285: Removes control to use the current Station ID for telnet logons.
#1286: Resolves situation where an open Send/Receive notification form does not pop to the front when a notification is received.

Version 3.0.0c332 Release
10 October 2015

#1274; Corrected email handling of very short TO addresses
#1277; Corrected handling of missing TO Addresses on non-JNOS BBSs

Version 3.0.0c264 Release
19 May 2015

#1045; check for and allow for a custom data directory.
#1113; Add Event diagnostics logging for Outpost main program.
#1190; SCC: change PACTIME AFTER value from 1 to 2 in all XSC_... TNCs
#1217; Resolved issue where Delete Key had no effect in New Message Fields.
#1222; Enhanced Session Logging for mail header debugging.
#1242; fixes telnet logon so that the field can be set as either upper or lower case.
#1243; remove support for AA4RE Prompt for Tac Call Customization; code simplification.
#1247; Handle known email address formats.
#1248; fixed log presentation issue.
#1249; Optimizing Tac Call Handling.
#1250; Fixed Received Message To Field handling.
#1251; Add Receipt Exclusion for "mailer@...".
#1252; Add email Header vs usable address to Session Log
#1253; Enhance message form field validation
#1255; Reversing/re-opening #1072 (remove me from Reply) due to incorrect behavior.
#1256; Corrected error with the Installer custom data directory handling
#1257; Corrected behavior if PacForms tag is in the middle of the text
#1259; SCC Installer; Add "data directory entry" to "Ready to Install" page
#1260; SCC Installer; delete PacFORMS folder on desktop
#1264; Corrected handling incomplete ICS213 message posted to the BBS (sender aborts)
#1265; Corrected handling where JNOS lists CC: before TO: in the message header.
#1266; Corrected handling of Outpost correctly ordering TO and then CC addresses.
#1267; Corrected resend message function that does not properly set the Form Type.
#1268; added the received date header to the session log.
#1270; Remove new message TO: character validation to handle valid email address characters.
#1271; Corrected email handling where an email arrives with no TO but a CC address.

Version 3.0.0c260 Release
23 March 2015

This release contains a mix of new features, enhancements, and corrections several minor application errors.  Changes in this release include the following:



#0683, #1162: Removes the 10,000 character message limit.
#45, #225, #1109, #1165, #1179: The TNC Session Manager now runs as a standalone program (Opsessn.exe); no longer grabs the window focus if configured to run minimized.
#0749: Adds a BBS initialization command list. You can now send specific BBS commands to execute before and after you connect to the BBS.

#1083: Internal Cleanup for tactical call handling.
#1086: Restrict Address, TNC, BBS names to characters that are valid file names.
#1087: Trap for READ-ONLY files for new TNC, BBS, and ADDR data files.
#1103: Fixes leading spaces problem; leading spaces in a message are no longer stripped.
#1116: Resolved issue where Export did not pick up the Received Date/Time field
#1157: Resolved Global Message number issue not being set correctly.

#1184: Resolves Address handling and pressing Apply issue.
#1101: Removes 8 character limit on @address component to be compliant with internet email addresses.
#1129: Resolved issue with Hierarchical Address Continental descriptions.
#1141: Resolved Address book issue where ";" is always added.
#1156: Resolved Reply behavior; extra ";" inserted before the return address .

#1068: Replace tag formatted delivery and read receipt messages with human-readable messages. This is useful when sending delivery and read receipts to messages that originated from other than Outpost.
#1072: Fixes the situation so that Reply-All should only go to the original sender plus the others that were copied in the original message, not yourself.
#1089: Handle more date formats; important for SMS messages coming in that do not format the date like JNOS or other BBS messages.
#1093: Add message size to the Open, New message form status bar.
#1135: Message form Send button location (Usability) change.
#1149: Resolved adding LMI field as part of the message Save.
#1186: Change auto-pop message detection from 5 seconds to 2 seconds (supports NTS).
#1187: Resolved Iptelnet defaults to BOLD font.

#0715: Creates a Stand-alone NTS Message Maker. This is the first step to extending this program beyond Outpost.
#1098, #1133: Resolved Message Form Tab handling issue (not consistent with the rest of the app).
#1130: Fixed font default size, also to follow through from message to message.
#1132: Added optional "P" and controls as part of the subject line message ID on plain text messages.
#1140: Resolved Cut and Paste issue from a message form.
#1144: Replaced the Delete all message feature to do exactly that… no copy of the message DB is now created. Once all messages are deleted, it is gone.
#1145: Resolved "tab out of message form" issue.
#1168, #1169: Resolved Ipserial, Ipagwpe, Iptelnet context menu (Right-click to cut and paste) issue.

#0769: Allow TNC Session Manager to take a command line parameter for polling frequency.
#0928: Resolves situation where Auto Send/Receive and Timer triggered a SR even if the previous S/R was not completed. Auto S/R with Timer will now skip the next S/R run if the previous S/R is not completed.
#1104, #1147: Adjust JNOS handling for LM if "0 messages" string situations.
#1119: Handle both old and new style of Delivery/Read receipts
#1126: Mask telnet password from setup, Opsessn, Logs; first implementation
#1195: Implements new Message DB locking strategy.

#0332, #1085: Revamps TNC, BBS, and Address Book data structures to accommodate easier feature expansion.
#0681: Adds TNC and BBS Export and Import capabilities. This is manual for this release.
#0987: Change the BBS path 'Port Number' field from Integer to String*10 to accommodate JNOS 'p144' data type construct.
#1090: Incorporate .ini file contents into the respective TNC data file.
#1091: Incorporate .pth file contents into the respective BBS data file.
#1095: Fixes situation when making a copy of a TNC setup, the TNC command file is not copied.
#1100: Adds dual Message ID fields on Identification form. This allows presetting the Message ID/message number prefix for both FCC call sign and tactical call sign logins which, in turn, allows easier switching between the two.
#1111: Allow mixed case for TNC and BBS Friendly name; reset valid characters to include "(){}[]+-~_.,;'space"
#1128: Tightened up the logic on the BBS and TNC Command Line handling.
#1138: Resolved BBS/TNC initialization problem.
#1139: Resolved choosing global vs Profile Message Number issue.
#1150: Prevents profile names w/ "." periods in their name. Replaces w/ "_".
#1153: Resolved PC Time check to work with W7, W8.
#1185: Addressed Path Handling issues; more path validation. This will require further adjustments.
#1188: Integrated TNC and BBS initialization commands into their respective host setup form.

#1024: Resolved issue wiht Ics309 Print setup not sticking.
#1092: Resolves Printer Setting for Landscape vs Portrait.
#1148, #1182, 1183: Replace Printer Selection control on all programs.
#1154: Resolves Printout tab settings issue where it was starting with tab position 4, and not 8.

#1176: Resolved Outpost issue with PacFORMS launch options for messages in Sent Msgs folder.
#1155: Resolved Script tac call not set after initial install.


Version 2.8.0c41 Release
21 September 2013

This release contains a mix of new features, enhancements, and corrections several minor application errors.  Changes in this release include the following:



#1039: Replace MSCOMM32.OCX serial port library. Supports USB-to-Serial adaptor Comm Port numbers from 1 to 99.
#1060: User Program Launch. Allows users to put their own programs or web pages as on option on the Outpost menu.

#1038: Add a Global message number and switch on the profile to choose either the profile or global message number.
#1047: Add "NTS" type message as a "default" from which to chose.
#1061: Changes to NTS Message Maker to align with the current NTS message standard and content.
#1065: Aligns Local Message ID format to Subject Line hyphenation option.
#1066: Pads Subject Line and Local Message number values to minimum 3 digits.
#1076: Prevents a receipt from being sent back to a MAILER-DAEMON sender.

#1064: Add Support for KWM1200 PBBS.
#1050: Resolves the use of 2 character top level domain names for SMTP addresses.
#1053: Fixes hierarchical address problem where the '#' character was not allowed.
#1056, #1071: Resolve and correctly handle incoming SMTP addresses with DISPLAY names and address specs in the <..> format.
#1055: For JNOS and LM, do not check for "0 new messages". Always do the LM command.
#1074: Corrects JNOS problem with multiple lines of CC: addresses.
#1075: Corrects JNOS embedded tabs in multiple lines of addresses.

#1034: corrects problem where URGENT is not reset from the previous message.
#1040: On disconnect, lengthens timer to ensure we get the TNC prompt before sending the Station ID when Tactical calls are in use.
#1041: Resolves Error Number: 8002, Invalid Port Number occurs if there is a "0" port number entered.
#1048: Resolves "Runtime error 482: Printer error" when adding a printer when no printers are present.
#1062: Corrects problem Ipserial "create Outpost" function.
#1063: Correctly handles SCC-delivered .profile file when the destination directory is not known at package creation time.
#1067: Opdirect; Backed out #1031 data transfer reply size to PacFORMS
#1069: Ics213mm; Corrects GUI logic error on field initialization.

Version 2.7.0c21 Release
3 February 2013

This release contains a mix of new features, enhancements, and corrections several minor application errors.  Changes in this release include the following:



#951:  Resolves Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 access permissions errors
#1017: Add Selectable Profiles


#1015: resolves Error 380 if there are were no address book records
#1018: Add Font change to Outpost new and open messages.
#1019: Default Comm Port Setting RTS/DTS to On
#1022: Delivers an up and down arrow on the message forms that allow you to move to the next or previous message without closing it.
#1025: Adds a Forgetful PC option that pops up a time check to let the user know what the PC time is.  This is needed to ensure accurate timestamping for and reporting of messages.
#1028: Corrects placement of Profile name on Station ID form for better viewing.
#1032: Followup on #951; correctly handles data directory if Outpost.conf does not exist.
#1033: Handles JNOS area check when the area does not exist.


#1029: Opdirect, handle IE9 requesting a favicon file.
#1030: Opdirect, resolved TCP error on IE9 server interaction.
#1031: Opdirect, Adjusts message write-back tuning to PacFORMs.

Interactive Programs
#1012: Adds AN option to turn off KISS and Host Mode in Ipserial.exe

Version 2.6.0c029 Release

1 July 2012

This is the 2nd incremental release that follows the base v2.6 release.  Changes in this release include the following:



#1000: backed out this change.  Impacted the Telnet logon process.


Version 2.6.0c027 Release

16 June 2012

This is the 1st incremental release that follows the base v2.6 release.  Changes in this release include the following:



#1003: Implements the SendOnly command in Opscripting.

#1004: Fixes problem where a script could have been saved in a different location, and the Most Recently Used section on the File menu could not find it.


Ipserial.exe, Iptelnet.exe

#1007: On pressing the Ipserial or Telnet Connect button, fixes situation where the cursor was left on the button and not placed in the text field. 


Version 2.6.0c024 Release

20 May 2012

This release contains a mix of new features, enhancements, and corrections several minor application errors.  Changes in this release include the following:



#960: Adds a MARS Message Maker program (Marsmm.exe) to support MARS reporting.  See your Service national MARS web site for details on how to obtain the MARS Message Maker program.



#909: Send-Only Option. Allow the user to send a message without performing a check for incoming messages.

#910: Control fonts. User can change font size on all Outpost message forms.

#918: Skip TNC setups. If certain TNC command fields are blank (datetime, etc), then Outpost will not send it.

#948: Set Msg ID location. Adds another location to set the 3 character message ID on the Identification Form. 

#959: Adds support for KPC4-5.0-HM$ PBBS.

#961: Message Handling problem. Corrects a problem with mMsgIndex data type. 

#962: Address Book and JNOS. Fixes problem when forwarding an address book entry to another user using JNOS.

#963: Adds a Resend option. User cab send a message previously sent and either reuse the current message number or increment to the next number.

#965: Printing Receipts. Adds an option to exclude auto-printing of READ: and DELIVERED: messages when they arrive.

#967: Adds support for Airmail as a BBS. This is pending a complete description of the message exchange handshake.

#975: Receive Time. Adds a receive time variable to the message record; this is different from the message post time that refers to when the message was actually posted to the BBS.

#976: Receive Time to PacFORMS. Passes the Receive Time to PacForms at launch time.

#977, #978: AutoPop Change. This change causes the message “AutoPop” functionality to perform the check all the time regardless of Opdirect running or not.

#979, #980: various internal code changes. 

#986: In-domain SMTP address. Corrects the Address validation check. 

#988: PC’s IP address. Adds an option to display your PC's computer name and IP Address (Help > My IP Address).

#990: Opscript and BBS Friendly Names. 

#994: Internal code change. Corrects the handling of the message db control record.

#995: Adds support for the KAM3 PBBS.

#996: Adds MARS-specific hierarchical address support.

#1000: Fix corner case for Telnet w/o password and Node Access.

#1001: Code optimization change, all programs.



#989: Fixes command line file passing problem. Corrects command line processing to ensure parsing on a "-" of the command option works correctly.



#910: Control fonts. Allows the user to change font size on all interactive packet programs.

#421, 981: Adds an Ipserial option: "Get Comm Port Settings from Outpost".  This loads the currently set Serial configuration into Ipserial.exe.

#964: IpAgwpe, Iptelnet, and Ipserial do not show the bottom of the screen in Aero windows appearances. All 3 programs are updated to now correctly handle this regardless of the windows appearance that is currently selected.


Opdirect, Ics213mm, and PacFORMS

#974: Firefox processing: FireFox FF 8 does not look at the file type to determine that it is an HTML file.



#926: Ini initialization problem. Fixes a date and time format problem where the ini file gets created and then deleted. 

#930: Ics213mm. Internal Outpost cleanup of route processing. 

#935, #940: Audible alert on message receipt. Similar to Outpost, this feature now lets the user choose a .wav file to plan when a message has been received. 

#938: resolved Reply problem where an original message had a full reply structure set up. 

#946: Updated ICS 213 Form. Adds the optional Incident name field to all form processes. This change is in compliance with this FEMA reference: http://www.fema.gov/pdf/emergency/nims/ics_forms_2010.pdf.

#957: Stand-alone install. Adds a stand-alone install package for non-ham Ics213mm users.

#982: Cursor handling problem. Resolves cursor placed in a field making it appear as if it is ready for input, but the field is actually locked until pressing NEW or REPLY.

#989: Network Check. Adds a check to see if networking is enabled before starting 
a complete remote Outpost process.


Version 2.5.0c033 Release

August 7, 2011

This is the 2nd incremental release that follows the v2.5 c021 release.  Changes in this release include the following:



#924, Does not retrieve Area messages from a BBS if previously downloaded from another BBS (JNOS issue)

#927, Adds the word DRAFT in the message listing to indicate that a message is not ready to be sent.

#939, Fixes a problem for TNOS and SNOS since their behavior is different from JNOS for message listing.

#944, Locks the Message FROM field. To change, go to Setup > Identification and change the operator call sign.

#945, For JNOS, if there are no messages listed for the user after connecting to the BBS, skip the "LM" command. Improves channel efficiency.

#953, Add option to turn off Notifications alarm (Tools > Send/Receive Settings, Other Tab)

#954, Resolves problem where SNOS apparently occasionally leaves the route field blank.

#955, Internal adjustment to resolve differences in data type handling for Message Numbering.



#917, Added Check of the Date and Time Format fields so that it is valid prior to existing the form.

#931, #932, #933, Rewrite of Ics213mm to correct message handling, date/time, and processing problems.



#929: Fixes problem to not remember the drive name when accessing a file.



#898, Outpost sends specific Outpost data to PacFORMS as a means to pre-populate specific fields on the PacFORMS form.

#899, Allows the user to Launch PacFORMS files directly from Outpost. This occurs whenever PacFORMS is also installed on the same PC.

#943, Passes name and date data to Pac-Read when displaying incoming PacFORMs messages in its native form.


Version 2.5.0c021 Release

March 27, 2011

This is the 1st incremental release that follows the v2.5 c014 release.  Changes in this release include the following:



#839, adds more error reporting for file handling.

#907, adds support for BPQMail handling of a single SP command for multiple destinations on the TO: line.

#908, fix detection of no LM listing for KAM.

#911, re-instated a test to trap LM listings where the P/BBS lists messages FROM me, but not TO me. This check was previously removed to handle a JNOS case where all LM listings, regardless if they are to me or not, need to be retrieved (the Alias case).

#913, corrected problem with MFJ127x and DXNET retrieves due to variable initialization problem



#839, Corrects FindWord call to parse the text list in a comma, not a space.


Version 2.5.0c014 Release

December 26, 2010

This release contains a mix of new features, enhancements, and corrections several minor application errors.  Changes in this release include the following:



#416, #857: ICS 309 Communications Log report builder to produce a standard ICS309 Comm Log Report.

#870: Local Message ID, assign all incoming messages with a Local Message ID (LMI).

#874: Uses the Standard Windows Data directory locations.



#533: NTS Tab Management, causes fields into which the user tabs to be fully selected.

#770: resolves Non-Model Form Errors, particularly when using PacFORMS.

#826: Add control to create a new Message from the Address Book. 

#843: Invoke Address Book. Double-click on the new message form TO: icon brings up and select the address book choices.

#845: Find Outpost Data Files files. This change adds a menu option to open Windows Explorer to the exact location for Outpost data directories.

#860: Force retrieves Bulletins, allows the user to force a one-time retrieval of any bulletin that Outpost thinks is already downloaded.

#863: JNOS, skip issuing the List command on a “ 0 New” message listing. 

#865: Save Tac Call, Tac Text, saves the entered Tactical Call and Tactical Test regardless whether Use Tactical Call is selected or not.

#868: Add an Archive button to the Message form.

#875: Add a button control to jump from Report Settings to Message Settings to set up Subject Line Identifier.

#879: MINOR: TNC init file name change, leaves off the entire path so that only the file name shows in the form caption.

#880: MINOR: PacFORMS: popup prompt change. 

#881: MINOR: Spelling change. Fix Auto-Read/deliver receipt wording.

#883: Error Handling. Enhance Report Error routine to pass 1 or 2 additional parameters for clarification.

#890: Adds NTS support for Winlink Classic.

#891: Resolved Message Window sizing problem.

#894: Cursor Placement in a Message. When opening any message (new, reply, forward), the cursor is now placed in the first blank field.

#895: Improves JNOS Message detection for uniqueness. 

#900: resolves form validation when TNC Comm Port settings are blank.

#901: Fix to Report Settings form to display only the file name, not the entire path

#902: Minor corrections to Address Book functionality.

#903: Message Form General Release Cleanup, misc changes.

#904: Outpost General Release Cleanup, misc changes.

#906: Fixes issue when forwarding a message, it picked up the origination station BBS, not the currently defined BBS.



#793: Add bulletin Expire command (Expire(0)) to delete bulletins that you own and posted. 

#814: Add Message Receipt System Variable (RECEIPTS) to set the Message Receipts.

#816: Add a System variable (SRNOTE) that holds the result of the last SR session.

#820: Add a System variable (DATETIME) that holds the DATETIME value of a message.

#821: Add ability for a script to call another script.  Documents how to call a script either from another script, or from some other program or .bat file.

#877: Trap the cursor position on the Edit Form. This change ensures that the cursor is were the user left it prior to moving to a different view.

#898: Fix String Compare. This change corrects a problem where you could not compare a string as used in cases such as “if FROM = “KN6PE” then…”. 


ENHANCEMENTS -- Interactive Packet Programs

#886: Handle windows standard windows edit Pop-up for users who use the Mouse and right-click to bring up an edit menu.

#905: Iptelnet, fixes the case for creating a TNC Telnet entry in Outpost, not all fields were correctly initialized. Other minor changes.


ENHANCEMENTS -- Opdirect, Ics213mm, and PacFORMS

#806: Support Concurrent Connects, supports more than one program connecting at a time. Additionally, this change should address some instability issues reported by Ics213mm and PacFORMS users. 

#810: Resolve program hangs if Opdirect stops.

#873: Handle situation with “:” in the message text.

#878: PacFORMS: Add local message controls for opening in native form.

#887: PacFORMS, Pick up Message Priority from Pacform messages status embedded in the subject line.


Version 2.4.0c099 Release

June 15, 2010

This is the 5th incremental release that follows the v2.4 c074 release.  Changes in this release include the following:



#801: Allow Outpost to Telnet through BPQ to a BBS using BBS Paths.

#817: Resolves problem of performing copies of BBSs with Path Files, and the Path File was not copied. Associates Path Files with BBS Friendly Name, not Connect Name.

#847: If there was a BBS disconnect immediately after a connect, try to determine the reason, and report it.

#848: Resolves Tools > Msg Settings > Advanced, Prompt option did not stick.

#850: Adds ARL Number 47 for ARL numbering section, see latest FSD-3 form.

#853: Further improves TNC initialization error and abort handling.

#854: Aligns Outpost Telnet connect sequence to the Telnet Protocol Specification.

#858: Enhances script handling for BBS names; now accepts Friendly Name or Connect Names.

#859: Add a flag to wait for the script to complete before exiting Outpost.

#862: Ignore Auto-receipts (Delivery and Read) for Bulletins.

#864: Resolves erroneous error notification when abort is pressed with Retrieve Filters enabled.  



#852: Ics213mm, Resolves situation where Signature and Position were not printed.


Version 2.4.0c089 Release

April 7, 2010

This is the 4th incremental release that follows the v2.4 c074 release.  Changes in this release include the following:



#824: Removes the AA4RE LM check for my call sign in the To Listing; no longer needed.

#825: Adds option to not put the message number on the subject line.

#827: Resolves Outpost not retrieving filtered JNOS messages.

#828: If "L" is entered as the Filter List message command, does not append the Area. Makes for more efficient message checking.

#830: Adds ability to use the JNOS SC command (send copies) for multiple address processing (used when multiple addresses or a Dist List is on the TO: line).

#832: Adds option to always reply with a delivery receipt.

#834: Adds Notification levels to the Doc; changes the "L" flag to "N".

#835: Resolves Send/Receive not exiting during a TNC connect prior to the BBS connect.

#836: Allows BBS Area Filters to accept a "-" or a "_" for Area Names.

#837: Resolves Note box and Session log not showing all application error data

#840: Resolves situation where S/R session is running while user changes the BBS selection.

#841: Resolves problem where multiple addresses on a script TO: field were not displayed correctly.

#844: Resolves N0ARY send message problem (returning "!! Abort Send Command" Error)



ER#838: Adds a timestamp when we do a connect & disconnect by Outpost



ER#831: Derives Subject Line from !PACF! header line. Requres PacFORMS v.31.


Version 2.4.0c082 Release

January 28, 2010

This is the 3rd incremental release that follows the v2.4 c074 release.  Changes in this release include the following:


ER#822: Fixes Address book problem with single Address entry.

ER#823: Fixes BPQMailChat handling to exclude LFs on transmitted strings.


Version 2.4.0c081 Release

January 11, 2010

This is the second stabilization release that follows the v2.4 c074 release.  Changes in this release include the following:


ER#799: One more time, add change to allow BPQMailChat to support SMTP email

ER#811: Corrects problems with Node Handling, Xconnect, and BBS connect commands.

ER#813: Supports BPQMailChat RMS: and RMS/ address structures for BPQMailChat-to-RMS node message passing.


Version 2.4.0c077 Release

January 3, 2010

This is the first stabilization release that follows the v2.4 c074 release.  Changes in this release include the following:



ER#508: Fixes address book to reformat the email address area from a list of entries to a line of entries.

ER#799: add change to allow BPQMailChat to support SMTP email

ER#802: change PacForms handling for opening a message back in its native HTML page

ER#807: Scripts is not pulling up BBS by Connect Names instead of Friendly Names

ER#809: allow current BBS, TNC, Retrieve options if not called out in Scripts



ER#803: Addresses problem where program restarts after shutting it down.  Other changes may follow.

ER#808: Changes Opdirect to write Ics213mm & PacForm messages to Out Tray vs Draft Folder.



ER#805: update control button label


Version 2.4.0c074 Release

December 30, 2009

This release contains a mix of new features, enhancements, and corrections several minor application errors.  for details, see the v2.4 Release Content Document.  Changes in this release include the following:



ER#508: Address Book Support. Allows alias and distribution lists to be created. Also, Outpost now processes distribution lists for all BBS types (not necessarily efficiently).

ER#659: ICS213 support. This is a stand-alone program for ICS 213 data entry and message management.



ER#576: MFJ-1274 PBBS 

ER#592: OpenBCM BBS. Popular in Europe and has a following on the East coast. 

ER#744: PK-96 PBBS 

ER#777: BPQMailChat BBS. This is a new BBS currently in BETA release.

ER#787: Add support for BBS KFJ-127x version MFJ-2.0 firmware.



ER#656: Add control to manage on-line report and message printing.

ER#684: Extend TO: address field size.

ER#729: Automatically open ARL message maker when clicking on ARL on NTS form.

ER#757: Message buttons were hidden when screen is sized too small.

ER#761: Opdirect/PacForms: removed index page link. Use the BACK button to return.

ER#771: Add on-line reports feature to set up the message TO: field with a <to> tag.

ER#781: Suppress the Opdirect popup when a message is created and queued with OpDirect.



ER#619: Add node handling for KPC4 to support the "Xconnect" command.

ER#708: Add option to connect to a BBS from a node by entering "BBS" instead of the connect command.

ER#747: Consolidate same level notifications into a common window.

ER#783: Skip SNOS messages when the Status contains "K" for killed.

ER#784: Check KPC3 PBBS message date-time for invalid date and performs a 00/00/00

01/01/1980 translation as an indicator that the date was incorrect.



ER#628: Add BBS/TNC “Recently Used” Access.

ER#677: Add Friendly name for BBS configuration.

ER#695: Extend BBS Digipeat field size.

ER#763: Correctly implement Winlink password handling; removes workaround.

ER#764: Add clone BBS config as a BBS Setup option.

ER#765: Add clone TNC config as a BBS Setup option.

ER#776: Create a link for a BBS to its TNC/Device.

ER#778: Removes the option to hide/display “Save w/o Headers”.

ER#788: Add Station ID check-box to show at startup; sets focus on OK.

ER#795: Change Signature error handling to be the same as all the others.



ER#748: Startup script automation.

ER#751: Kick off specific script from Outpost main at Outpost startup and shutdown.

ER#758: Assigns Mycall to current Outpost Mycall if Opscript Mycall is blank.

ER#782: Allows user to reconfigure the Send/Receive button to run a script.

ER#786: Let Opscripts remember its window position.



ER#785: Change Outpost WindowState to always start up as Normal.



ER#622: FROM: field is too short for some SMTP addresses.

ER#737: Resolves ipserial.exe echo on/off control, now Echo ON as default. 

ER#755: Improves folder to folder Drag-and-Drop.

ER#756: Differentiates between the 2 KPC-2 firmware revisions (KPC2-5.0-HM$ and KPC2-3.06-H) that do not behave the same.

ER#759: Fixes the problem when the telnet password is blank.

ER#760: Fixes the problem with SP, ST, and SB commands settings and use. 

ER#774: Fixes Opscript WriteFile failed with Windows98, but not on XP.

ER#779: Directory Select option (Tools > Directory Settings) does not pick up and apply the Drive the directory list.

ER#780: Fixes report form closing w/o confirming the report file actually exists.

ER#789: Fixes the TNC Setup Apply Button not getting the form back to an initial state.

ER#790: Fixes the BBS Setup Apply Button not getting the form back to an initial state.

ER#791: Prevents manual entry into pull-down menus.

ER#792: Added error checking for when Digipeat selected but no digis are defined.

ER#794: Added error checking for when Default Destination option was checked and field was left blank.

ER#796: Resolves NTS not trapping and handling the last period in the message.

ER#797: Fixes situation where NTS was clearing the default destination setting if set to Private.


Version 2.3.0c030 Release

September 1, 2009

This release corrected the following defects identified since the initial release of v2.3.  

ER#750: Resolved problem where JNOS date time shows 11/29/1999. Now handles both GMT, UTC, and other Time Zones.

ER#772: Resolved problem where the message terminator cntl-z with JNOS by Telnet did not not work.


Version 2.3.0c028 Release

June 29, 2009

This release corrected the following defects identified since the initial release of v2.3.  


ER#715: Change Ipserial and Outpost to disallow a manual typed changes or entries in the Comm Port Setting Field.

ER#717: Resolved display problem where Notifications Form is black with Theme=WindowsXP + Color_Sceme=Silver.

ER#718: Resolved problem where Outpost sent TNC init File commands to TNC before TNC cmd: prompt. 

ER#754: Resolved problem with AGWPE where returning radio port number did not match the port number sent.


Version 2.3.0c027 Release

December 31, 2008

This release corrected the following defects identified since the initial release of v2.3.  


ER#735: Resolved Outpost recognizing an AEA-232M when the user connects locally with an MDCHECK.

ER#740: Resolves a problem where KPC "BBS busy" was not detected.

ER#745: Resolves a problem where Telnet connect error shows up as s pop-up box, not a Notification. Changed to Notifications to allow scripting to run without errors.


Version 2.3.0c024 Release

October 30, 2008

This release corrected the following defects identified since the initial release of v2.3.  

#733: Resolves problem when there is no comm port present. This situation occurs when the PC is exclusively USB with no comm port hardware, and no USB-to-Comm adapter is installed.  Outpost will now list None in the TNC Setup / Comm Port field, and will not let you save a TNC without a Comm Port defined.

Version 2.3.0c023 Release

October 14, 2008

This release corrected the following defects identified since the initial release of v2.3.  

#731: Applies fix to #723.  This now correctly handles skipping NTS messages that have been marked as N-and-K (Killed) or N-and-F (Forwarded).

Version 2.3.0c021 Release

October 10, 2008

Changes in this release include the following:



#599: Adds Outpost Scripting. This is a first release of Outpost scripting as a means for increasing packet messaging automation and user productivity.  Scripting refers to processing a user-created file made up of commands and statements that control a specific sequence of events.  For this first release, over fifty (50) script statements and commands will be delivered.



ER#606: Resolves the work-around required to handle Winlink Telnet Transparency.

ER#673: Enhanced Telnet logon support. Option to use Station Identification as telnet logon.

ER#697: Save a copy of the message db prior to deleting it.

ER #706: Add support for the NNA BBS. Final confirmation is pending.

ER#719: Do not retrieve KPC3 Bulletin “B” messages sent to a user when polling for private messages (LM). 

ER#720: Identify all virtual Comm Ports. Identifies exactly what comm ports exist, and presents only that list in the Setup > TNC and Ipserial.exe programs.

ER#723: Do not retrieve F6FBB messages with status of “F” or “K” set. 

ER#724: When adding a file or opening a report in a message form, file content is placed at the cursor position in the message area.



ER#721: Fixes a TNC Initialization File bug where the TNC Initialization file was not found the first time Outpost started.

ER#722: Fixes a problem retrieving some Bulletins.

ER#726: Resolves duplicate subject line identifiers from Opdirect and Opscripts. 

ER#727: Resolves problem when using the NTS Message Maker and processing Handling Instructions and data tags are not filled in.

ER#728: Resolves a problem with handling Tactical Calls with Winlink. 

ER#730: Resolves a problem where Opdirect.exe was not always found.

Version 2.2.2c026 Release

June 1, 2008

This release contains a mix of enhancements requested from Outpost users as well as resolution of several minor application errors.  In some cases, these errors were resolved as point solutions and delivered as a Beta Release to the reporting individual prior to this release.  Changes in this release include the following:



#525: Add Drag and Drop for moving messages between Outpost folders. One or more messages can be selected from the currently displayed folder, then dragged and dropped on the folder button of the destination folder.

#682: Adds TNC Initialization file capability. Allows the user to define a list of TNC commands to be sent to the TNC both prior to a BBS connect as well as immediately after a BBS disconnect.

#698: Enhanced Channel Monitoring. Outpost now determines if ipserial.exe is running and, if so, directs that program to disconnect from the Comm Port. Outpost will then run its Send/Receive Session as usual. Once the session is over, Outpost tells ipserial.exe to reconnect to the Comm Port and resume monitoring.

#709: Support multi-message deletes. Builds on the multi-message select capability of Drag and Drop, this allows one or more messages to be selected and deleted at one time. 



Adds BBS Support for the following:

#604: TNOS

#596: SNOS



#687: Allows access to NOS Message Areas. Uses the Retrieved Filter Messages option for selecting a JNOS or TNOS message area, then retrieving the messages.


ENHANCEMENTS - Send/Receive Sessions

#603: Expands the number of message retrieval filters from 10 to unlimited.  The 10 individual fields have been replaced with a single field where the user can enter an unlimited number of retrieval filters separated by commas. 

#634: Force Com Port Echo Command to On. Comm Port Echo must be ON for Outpost to process the BBS response correctly. 

#658: Expands the number of time slots from 4 to unlimited. The 4 individual slot time fields have been replaced with a single field where the user can enter an unlimited number of times separated by commas. 

#694: Sets the default notifications options to ON. All 4 Notifications Options -- N0 (Application Errors), N1 (Problems needing immediate attention), N2 (Unexpected BBS disconnects), and N3 (Other non-critical issues) are now turned on at first time installation. 


ENHANCEMENTS - Message Handling

#207: Brings an already open message to the top of the display list.

#519: Adds 4 hot-keys to opens a report form in a message with a single Function Key press.

#674: Allows the user to retrieve his/her own NTS messages. This would be used in the event the message is no longer relevant AND was never retrieved for servicing. 

#685: Handles smtp email addresses. Required since JNOS and some other BBSs allow users to enter a standard smtp email address (user@domain) for mailing into the internet.

#705: Adds a new subject line identification option in the form: yymmddhhmmss.

ENHANCEMENTS - Interactive Packet Programs
#676: Adds a menu option to the 3 Interactive Packet Programs to read a file and dump the text into the respective text window for transmitting to the BBS.



#675: Ensures message number field in Report Settings is populated before exiting the form.

#693: Handles any “>” characters in the BBS message number that is not part of the BBS prompt.

#703: Resolves specific forms buttons from getting chopped off during a form resize.

#707: Adds clarify to some form instruction text.

#710: Fixes interface data logging for iptelnet.exe.

#711: Resolves problem where there were duplicate subject line message numbers when using opdirect.exe.

#712: Resolves incomplete message printing of a new message that was not yet saved.

Version 2.2.1c085 Release

February 18, 2008

This release contains a mix of enhancements requested over the last year as well as resolution of several minor application errors.  In some cases, these errors were resolved as point solutions and delivered as a Beta Release to the reporting individual prior to this release.  Changes in this release include the following:


Adds BBS Support for the following:

  • #589: Add support for JNOS BBS

  • #669: Add support for the KPC-2 PBBS

ENHANCEMENTS - Send/Receive Handling

#613: Expands Notifications to 4 levels.  Notifications was previously introduced as a single level runtime reporting aid and announced a mix of events that needed to persist beyond the Send/Receive Session.  Four user-selectable levels of notifications (Tools > Send/Receive Settings, "Other" tab) are now available for the following areas:

  • N0: Application Errors.  Defaults to ON.

  • N1: Problems that need immediate attention to proceed, such as Comm Port or Telnet problems,  missing the KANODE Path File, or could not identify the BBS Type.  Defaults to ON.

  • N2: Unexpected BBS Disconnects.  Defaults to OFF.

  • N3: Other non-critical errors.  Defaults to OFF

#625: Makes the "L1: Send/Receive Session windows logging" setting persist across app restarts.  The "L2: Interface Data Logging" and "L3: Diagnostic Logging" settings are reset to off every time Outpost is run.

#626: When using Tactical calls with the TNC, resets the TNC's mycall setting back to the FCC call at the end of a Send/Receive Session.  This ensures that for any beaconing, the TNC identifies correctly.


ENHANCEMENTS - Message Handling

#615: For newly created incomplete messages, Outpost highlights these messages in the message list area in Blue.

#632: Updates the message form caption when tabbing out of a new message subject area.

#640: Adds an NTS HX pull down menu to select the Handling Instructions option.

#644: Adds an option to allow formatted NTS messages to be sent as PRIVATE messages.

#646: Adds an option to insert a separator character (:, -, etc) between the 3 character Tac ID and the next Message Number.  This addition makes the subject line look more readable in particular if the 3 character Tac ID includes numerals such as S45 (Station 45). The result would be: "S45-132: ..."

#652: Adds minimize button to Opdirect.exe.



#534: Implements a check during Send/Receive to determine if the Path File is already open for a BBS Path Update.

#597: Implements a check to determine if a previously configured printer is still there at startup.

#598: Implements a check to determine if the application subdirectories files are present at startup.  If not, they are created.

#612: Enhanced Error Handling for Send/Receive Session Manager.  The focus of this effort was to resolve several reported problems with telnet access and hopefully addresses the source of the 40006 error caused by telnet commands being sent after a disconnect occurred.  Minimally, these errors will be trapped and reported leaving Outpost running.

#621: Check and report if specific Outpost data files (TncInfo.dat, BbsInfo.dat, Outpost.ini, and Outpost.odb) are set to Read Only.  These files have been found as Read Only when copied off of a CD as part of a supplemental user installation process.

#631: Resolves the situation when a data file size mismatch occurs, the Outpost  leaves the base form up without exiting.

#650: Resolves the problem when receiving a message that has no text (after stripping off the headers), the message was not saved.

#660: Resolves the F6FBB message retrieval problem created when addressing DXNET operations. 

#661: Adds the "Save As No Headers" option to the Outpost main file menu.

#662: Resolves the problem where not all Telnet connects worked.

#663: Removes all superfluous spaces when applying a cut-and-paste of the host name into Outpost field.

#664: Resolves the problem in calculating N0ARY prompts due to the BBS putting the last message number as part of the prompt.  N0ARY prompts are now set to "]>".

#665: Resolves the problem where Outpost could not connect to an F6FBB BBS with a Tactical Call by a digipeater when using AGWPE.

#666: Resolves the problem where Outpost could not connect to a DXNET BBS by AGWPE.

#668: Resolves the problem when manually closing after a fail, the iptelnet.exe main form reloads.


Version 2.2.0u232 UPDATE

January 29, 2008

This release corrected several defects identified since the initial release of v2.2.  

#672: Resolves problem when connecting by telnet to the new Winlink Common Message Servers (CMS).


Version 2.2.0u229 UPDATE

November 16, 2007

This release corrected several defects identified since the initial release of v2.2.  


#641: Enhancement, Adds support for KAM-4 PBBS.


Version 2.2.0u228 UPDATE

November 9, 2007

This release corrected several defects identified since the initial release of v2.2.  


#617: Enhancement, Adds support for PacForms, a html data form (such as ICS-213) that can be directly loaded into Outpost.

#633, #635, #636, #639: Defect, Critical, Resolves all known problems with using Outpost with the DXNET BBS, including retrieving messages, sending messages, date and header/trailer processing.

Interactive Packet Programs, v 2.2.1c14 UPDATE

September 10, 2007

This release corrects some minor defects and adds 2 new features to ipserial.exe, ipagwpe.exe, and iptelnet.exe.

#583: Adds Recently Used List support. Previously entered configurations are available from the File Menu. Number displayed is settable from the Tools > Options menu.

#601: Defect, minor. Missing the cntl-v (paste) in ipagwpe.exe and iptelnet.exe.

#607: Adds capability to export a current interface configuration to Outpost.  User will be prompted for all necessary information to transfer the current configuration.

#620: Defect, minor. Programs continued to create a message in Outpost even after the Cancel button was pressed.


Version 2.2.0u211 UPDATE

July 3, 2007

This release corrected several defects identified since the initial release of v2.2.  


#595: Defect, minor, Resolves program closing error with a message form still open.

#609: Changes the method for how Outpost deals with telnet and situations where the BBS takes a long time to respond. Timeout timer is changed to a state check.

#610: Defect, Minor, Addresses a new F6FBB Message List situation where the Message Status is multi-character with spaces in between. Problem showed up as an error 13 Type Mismatch, followed by an Error 40006.

#605: Defect, Major, Resolves telnet access to WL2K and the problem with Transparent Mode. This is an interim release that is fully functional. Additional changes will be implemented to clean up the field handling in the next Outpost release.

#600: This change addresses the AGWPE problem where the incoming data buffer length is not calculated correctly. The result is no display of retrieved data, and Outpost hangs. This problem occurred with this combination: AGWPE + TheNet-Node + KPC9612 PBBS.


Version 2.2.0u205 UPDATE

May 14, 2007

This release corrected several defects identified since the initial release of v2.2.  


#590: Defect, Major, addresses the situation where the date format of a KPC3 or KPC9612 PBBS was modified with the DAYSTR command to present a date format other than mm/dd/yy hh:mm:ss. This change gracefully handles the date format error and reports it vs aborting

#593: Defect, Major, fixes the connecting to the PK-232, DSP-232, or PK-88PBBS with the MDCHECK connect command when the PBBS is local to your PC.


Version 2.2.0c198 UPDATE

April 26, 2007


This release corrected several defects identified since the initial release of v2.2.  

#574: Defect, Major, resolves the issue where Outpost does not connect to the BBS when using AGWPE and BPQ Nodes.

#584: Defect, Minor, resolves the issue where the BBS SP Command was not initialized when entering a NEW BBS immediately after a clean install. 

#585: Defect, Minor, resolves a file open error problem when turning on Tools > Log Settings > Interface Data Trace.

#586: Defect, Minor, IPW create messages default to the last date listed.

#588: Defect, Minor, resolves issue where Outpost was incorrectly truncating BBS message files that were exactly 10K in size.

Version 2.2.0

April 6, 2007

The key feature of this release is support for Telpac access and enhanced BBS and Message Handling   Changes in this release include the following:



#480, #436: adds support for Telpac by terminal emulation.  Includes support for multi-address destinations.  See the capabilities and limitations for Telpac Access

#550: explicit BBS identification.  Reads SIDs to determine the BBS type during the Send/Receive session.  Additionally, support is cleaned up or is added for the following BBSs:

  • AEA232 PBBS (#391)

  • DXNET BBS (#551)

  • MFJ-1270 PBBS (#507, #533)

  • MFJ-1278 PBBS (#568)

  • Data Engine PBBS (#574)

  • MSYS handling changes to support SID identification (#552)

  • Telpac (#480)

  • W0RLI BBS (#32)

#221: Implements Notifications feature so that, on an unexpected BBS problem or other Send/Receive error, a pop-up box shows the user what happened.  This box persists beyond the end of the Send/Receive Session.

#270, #510: Improves message readability by (i) storing the BBS message header separately from the source message (viewable from the message form), and (ii) finds and deletes message trailer lines that the F6FBB and AA4RE BBSs add to the message.

#527: Presents sorted Bbs and Tnc entries in their respective setup forms.

#537: Provides the tool for updating message, Bbs, and Tnc data files from the previous release (opupdate22.exe for this release).

#555: Improves Export/Import Message Handling.

#559: Automatically populates specific BBS settings for non-configurable BBS and PBBSs.

#562: Removes BBS Advanced prompt button; splits default controls for better prompt management.

#565: Auto-identify BBS prompts. There is no further need to determine and fill in the prompts any more.

#566: First implementation of Diagnostic trace calls.



#543: Date/Time data storage is changed to an internal data data type; allows Windows' "Regional and Language Options" settings for date to apply on all displayed dates.

#556, #560: Resolves defect with message display date sorts when adding or updating a message entry.

#557: Resolves defect with Bbs and Tnc Setups when deleting all entries.

#563: Resolves defect for handling Read and Delivery Receipts when BBSs change after the message was received, but prior to the receipt being sent.

#564: Resolves defect for handling a BBS or TNC entry where the command was entered as a series of blanks.

#569: Resolves multiple ARL messages on cancel.

#570: Cleans up abort on telnet session

#571: Resolves incorrect handling of AGWPE, now an obvious issue due to message header processing.

#572: Resolves incorrect handling of AGWPE for AA4RE, non-prompting message processing.

#573: Resolves situation where message forms could not be recovered if minimized, then closed.

Version 2.1.2

November 5, 2006

This version includes the following changes to Outpost:


#541 Resolve Splash Screen problem

#542 Fixes problem when Tactical Call turned on, any change or OK in BBS resets it to off.

Version 2.1.1

October 17, 2006

This version includes the following changes to Outpost:


#536: Adds a report tag for Tactical Call <taccall>

#538: Resolves the VB401 "show non-modal" error when NTS Message Maker is open and send/receive runs

#539: Fixes W6XSC-1 BBS tactical call problem for Santa Clara County RACES

#540: Corrects multiple signature lines added to new messages

Version 2.1

October 7, 2006

This version includes the following changes to Outpost:



#320 BBS Access through KA- & NET/ROM-Nodes.

#434 Non-prompting Tactical Calls; allows users to use Tactical Calls on Packet.



#305: Make the In-Box and Out-Box sort order stay as previous set from run to run.

#417: Select Text in a field when tabbed to it. 

#512: Enhance dialog boxes to respond to ESC for Cancel.

#524: Fixes message sorting by Date or Size. 

#529: Added splash screen to cover application startup activities, particularly useful when there are a large number of messages to be initialized.



#504: Define and insert a Signature in a message at message-create time for the named user.

#514: Added a "Select All" from Edit in message form.

#520: If a message is created as a reply/forward, then the user chooses to add a report, put the report on the top, not the bottom of the message.

#522: Defect: On NTS Message Maker, removed the BT from after the preamble.

#525: Defect: resolved a file handling problem.

#531: Improves ability for message numbers to be as large as 9 digits.

#535: Defect: resolved problem where a Report template's <subj> text was not being placed onto the subject line.



#528: Improved data field management on TNC and BBS Setup forms; should be transparent to the user.

#530: Defect: Resolved a problem with Advanced BBS Prompts feature and how the fields get updated.



#521: Added independent print and number of copy options for outgoing messages and incoming messages.



#502: Defect: Resolves the situation where F6FBB BBS messages have to many @ signs when downloading bulletins by telnet and serial port.

#513: Reduces the Session Abort delays for TNCs between sending the "cntl-D" and sending the "D" command; this is a point of confusion and caused users to unnecessarily press Abort a second time.

#518: Defect: BBS busy is not detected when connecting to KPC PBBS. 



#514: Added a "Select All" from Edit in message form.

#516: Added option to immediately turn Monitor On when connecting to the TNC in ipserial.exe.

#517: Defect: Resolved the problem when attempting to Create a Message from the Interactive Packet Window programs.

Version 2.0.4 

February 5, 2006

The v2.0.4 update is complete and available.  Check out the details listed in the Outpost 2.0.4 Release Content Description doc for specifics on new features and other changes.  Here is the summary of features found in v2.0.4:



#275 Fixes message number handling for NTS messages

#493 Allows users to retrieve NTS messages without deleting it, and then Accept the message causing it to be deleted off the BBS.

#501 Adds NTS ARL message selection.



#494 Allows users to delete Bulletin messages off the BBS from Outpost

#488 Adds Delete Message buttons and menus on new message forms.

#497 Adds control to delete the entire message database.

#505 Adds option to suppress the Outpost message header on a SaveAs



#481 Adds support for Sally BBS (looking for confirmation from you Sally users).

#482 Makes telnet password prompting optional.

#492 Adds support for SSID as a Station ID. 

NOTE: I recommend you confirm this behavior on the BBS side before adopting this.

#496 Adds support the the N0ARY BBS.



#486 Automatically creates subdirectories on first Outpost run.

#487 Allows better browsing for subdirectory selections.



#483 Fixes IPAGWPE, IPTELNET, IPSERIAL initial default settings.

#484 Fixes IPW programs so they remember their last position.

#499 Fixes excessive prompting when creating subdirectories

#500 Fixes MSYS BBS issue when MSYS sends a "====" if BBS is not listed.

#502 Corrects problem with F6FBB message listing (@'s in the wrong place)

Version 2.0 

June 18, 2005

The v2.0 release is complete and available.  Check out the details listed in the Outpost 2.0 Release Content Description doc for specifics on new features and other changes.  Here is the summary of features found in v2.0:



#240 Adds support for BBS access by AGWPE.

#430 Adds support for (F6FBB) BBS access by Telnet.



#108: Check for and removes any "/EX" entered in the message.

#399: In a new message form, on pressing the NTS button, immediately brings up the NTS Message Maker form.

#408: Adds a delete button on the Message form.

#419: Adds a function key support for moving messages Shift-Cntl-Fx or copying messages Shift-Fx, where x=1:In Tray, 2:Out Tray, 3:Sent Msg Folder, 4:Archive, 5:Drafts, 6:Deleted folder.

#422: On a New Message Form, allows the From: field to be changed.

#280: DEFECT: Corrects a problem when opening a report form the 2nd time.

#409: DEFECT: Resolves a Runtime Error 53, and program aborts with the Import>Open a file function.



#437: Adds a user control to remove any remaining input prompts ("=") from On-line reports.

#441: Adds the capability to progress from input prompt to prompt by Left-Mouse-Clicking.



#383: Cleans up Send/Receive interval timer setups and resets.

#414: Logic change to allow the user to select either Retrieve All Bulletins or Retrieve Filtered Bulletins, but not both at the same time.

#435: Adds an option to selectively show the Station Identifier form at startup in a new Outpost General Settings menu. This change accommodates users that are configuring Outpost to automatically run on a re-boot or scheduled as part of an AGWPE startup sequence, and begin send/receive sessions without any user intervention.

#443: The Retrieve Filtered Bulletins function has been expanded to 10 filter settings. 

#466: Adds a text description field for configured TNCs and BBS configurations.



#410: On MSYS processing, cleans up the status bar messages.

#418: Adds a Function Key F5 to initiate the Send/Receive Session process.

#426: Establishes an option that allows the receiver of a message to automatically issue a Read Receipt regardless of what receipts the sender has requested.

#429: When setting the Outpost Station ID (FCC Call Sign), disallows setting it with an SSID.

#440: Advanced option that allows the user to optionally set the end of message prompts to generate more "uniqueness" in send and receive BBS prompt message detection.



#190: Restructures the TNC and BBS setup forms to be more intuitive.

#432: For KPC-3 PBBS, detects "***<call> BUSY" reply messages.



#411: Disables the cntl-c as a Windows clipboard copy function and allows it only to be used for getting the TNC’s attention. To copy text from the form, (i) highlight the text, then (ii) Menu Edit>Copy. The cntl-x and cntl-v still perform a Windows clipboard Cut and Paste respectively.



#417: Allow select text in the field when tabbed to that field for some forms.

#425: Adjusts all text labels and fields to handle the XP display style.

#439: Fixes the Transaction File creation function to store text that is truncated when the text space gets too large.

#478: Restructures all Log file management, partitioning them into a Session Log, Transaction Log, and Data Trace Log.

Version 1.3 

December 19, 2004

The v1.3 release is complete and available for download.  Check out the details listed in the Outpost 1.3 Release Content Description doc for specifics on what changed.  Here is the summary of v1.3 features:


#48 Allows the user to select and play .wav files as an audio annunciation on arrival of a message.

#245 Supports Message Delivery and Read Receipts. Outgoing messages can be flagged as requesting a return receipt that the receiving Outpost system will automatically generate.

#261 Supports flagging messages as Urgent. Received Urgent messages will be displayed in RED and annotated with 2 "!!" in the first column of the message directory listing.

#319 Implements Slot Time Send/Receive Initiation.



#338: resolved how to deliver a single install package for all Windows platforms (98, NT, 2000, ME, XP).

#394: Created an initial framework to handling installs, both new and updates. This is not complete, but an initial start.



#236: On the main Outpost message list form, all messages that have been Received AND are currently Unread will be displayed in BOLD text. Once opened, their listing is changed to unbolded text.

#295: When saving a message with SaveAs, Outpost now sets the default file name to the current "Subject" string.

#313: Supplements the drop-down menu by adding 3 buttons on the New Message Form to select the message type (Private, Bulletin, NTS). 

#323: Changes the default destination to allow the full address - category and route - to be entered.

#324: When replying to a forwarded message or forwarding a replied-to message, all previously entered RE:'s and FW:'s found on the subject line are removed.

#349: Default sort on Date field, better handling of date sorts, not perfect, but better.

#395: Now supports a full hierarchical address syntax for out-going messages (ie: KN6PE@WA6ZTY.#NOCAL.CA.USA.NOAM



#306, #307: Adds an option to allow immediate Send/Receive initiation once a new message is complete and validated. 

#311: Changes the interval timing option from a pre-defined list of time intervals (was 1 to 60 minutes) to a fill-in-the-blank option. Interval times can now range from 1 to 999 minutes.

#312: Adds an option to not download bulletins that you created and initiated from your station.

#318: Increases the number of Bulletin Filters from 3 to 5.

#328: Changes the Interval Timer from relative time counter to using absolute time. Adds a count-down timer to the main Outpost form that counts down to the next Send/Receive Session.

#332: Removes all Line Feed Characters from all messages transmitted, regardless of the BBS. Currently, this feature is only turned on when the MSYS BBS option is selected.

#335: Adds support for the AEA 232 family of TNCs for the "18-Nov-04" date format.

#362: broke out Send/Receive settings into multiple tabbed forms.



#316: Checks if the TNC data file needs replacement on a revision change.

#325: When the MSYS BBS option is selected, the default List Filtered command is changed from "L>" to "L".

#337: Changes the default Comm Setting for Handshaking from NONE to RTS/CTS (hardware handshaking).



#198: Automatically attempts to open the comm port to the TNC when you begin typing in the Interactive Packet Window (IPW).

#201: Add capability to save a block of highlighted text in the IPW window to a message form.

#327: Corrected problem where the Select-All menu option did not select all the text in the IPW window.

#382: Corrected problem with pasting commands (from clipboard) into IPW window.

#336: If a directory name is entered and does not exist, Outpost will now prompt to see if you want to create it. 

Version 1.2

May 30, 2004

While Version 1.1 focused on filling in some of the base Outpost functionality, Version 1.2 is the first release that has further broadened the capabilities of the program with new features such as Online reports and Selective Bulletin retrieval.  The bulk of the suggestions have come from Outpost users who have a vested interest in improving their overall response capabilities, and sees Outpost as one of the means to that end.


A summary of the changes are listed here.  For a more detailed look at the changes, check out the Outpost 1.2 Release Content Document.  Or, peruse the Outpost Users Guide for an overall look at Outpost.


Version 1.2.7

#303, #314: Add a TNC/BBS Session window logging capability.  This was implemented to support BBS interaction troubleshooting.  A single file is created (transactionyymmdd.log) with the name change occurring at midnight.

#309: Resolves a problem where the MSYS BBS does not correctly capture the Outpost Message Subject and Message Body.

#310: Corrects the situation so that making BBS or TNC updates is validated similar to a new entry.

#315: Corrects the situation when the BbsInfo file is the wrong size (corrupt or the version of Outpost was updated), the program aborts.

#317: Resolves a problem where messages written to the MSYS BBS are sent with single line spaces, but return from the BBS as double spaced.


Version 1.2.1

#179, Fixes control characters at end of lines sent to the TNC (boxes).

#293, Defect: Fixes the problem: when checking Send/Receive Settings and there is no printer defined, you get a Runtime Error 484 "Problem getting printer info from the system.  Make sure the printer is set up correctly", then the program terminates.

#294, Fixes the case where a Send/Receive session spans midnight, then the session will show up in 2 different log files.

#297, Adds a data trace capability to assist in specific packet data problems and troubleshooting.

#298, Fixes a problem with auto-msg ID on subject line; when on, the cursor needs to be placed immediately after the text, not in front of it.

#299, Defect: Fixes Bulletin destination addresses to ensure they are no more than 6 characters.

#300, Adds Status Bar to Message windows to report on status of 299.

#301, Adds the Sent Date on a Replied or Forwarded message.

#302, Adds format detection for the SV1AIZ BBS msg list format.



#235: Associate a TNC with a Comm Port. The Comm Port is now directly linked to the TNC configuration.

#238, 253, 288: Online Reports. Supports a forms-based report generator for creating standard reports.

#257: Directory Management. Adds support for defining a variety of directories for Outpost files such as archive, log, and report files.

#258: SaveAll messages in one file. Save all the messages from a folder to a single text-readable file. Includes form-feeds for bulk printing.

#259: Message numbering to subject line. Option to automatically place a unique, incremental message identifier in the Subject Line ahead of any user-entered subject text.

#260: Set default destination. Option to define and use a Default Destination call sign if always sending to the same destination. 

#262: Selective Retrieval of Bulletin Messages. Adds the capability to selectively retrieve bulletin messages based on up to 3 user-defined filter masks.

#263: Canadian Postal Code Support. Adds support to the NTS form for the Canadian Postal Code format.

#264: Print messages on receipt. Option to automatically print a message on receipt.



#159: Remove Print Preview. Concluded this is not necessary for text-based packet messages.

#237: INI file structure change. Supports more flexibility for content changes without completely replacing it from one version to the next.

#248: Message not saved. Defect, provides a warning if text is pasted into the message and then closed without saving.

#251: Code efficiency changes. Internal, should improve execution performance.

#252: Add "Sent:" label to message date/time. Resolves an esthetics issue.

#256: Select message with "Enter Key". Supports better hands-on keyboard operation when opening a message (vs. double-clicking the message).

#265: IPW property changes. Defect, fixes method for changing Comm Port settings without manually performing a "disconnect" and "connect."

#266: Add printer setup menu. Allows the user to select the default printer for all output.

#268: Print handling changes. Internal, clean up of how printing was handled.

#289: Enhanced Export/Import. Adds a progress form to display status.

Version 1.1

This is the first release for Outpost with an overall focus on Usability.


Several enhancements and minor defects were identified by our Outpost users with the bulk of the suggestions coming in around user interaction and application control.  Version 1.1 has incorporated a lot of these suggestions with the intent of making the Outpost user experience more effective for ARES and RACES organizations, thereby supporting the Outpost intent: "Focus on the message, not the medium."


A summary of the changes are listed here.  For a more detailed look at the changes, check out the Outpost 1.1 Release Content Document.  Or, peruse the Outpost Users Guide for an overall look at Outpost.


Version 1.1.2

#196: Corrects problem with sorting date and size fields in the message list.

#233: Fixes problem where the Interactive Packet Window does not remember its form settings.

#243: Corrects potential problem with the Interactive Packet Window where a user may have passed a large message into the window that could have overflowed the TNC buffer.


Version 1.1.1

#199. resolved printing issue to an Epson C82 (and hopefully other) printers. The page numbers appeared at the top of the next page, then the pagination occurred.

#202: Added a user warning if a new message is closed without saving it. This prevents a user from creating a message, then pressing Close or "X", and loosing the message.

#229: Resolves NTS message handling during retrieves from the BBS. This was a problem since 1.0 with retrieving NTS messages you may have just uploaded to the BBS.


Version 1.1 


#124: Comm Port Setting Visibility During TNC Setup. Adds a short-cut to double check that the Comm Port is configured to this TNC.

#180: Allow Updates To Existing BBS, TNC Configurations.  Now avoids having to delete and re-enter a BBS or TNC entry from scratch to make a change.



#92: Ability To Adjust Message List Columns Widths.  New Message List view allows a lot more flexibility in arranging the message list, plus...

#54: Ability To Sort Messages.  Actually, more of a poor man's sort; not fully robust, but better than nothing.

#113: Allows Moving Messages To Another Folder.  Expands the limited "move to archive" function in 1.0.

#167: Accurate Message Count. Fixes an issue from 1.0.

#181: Support "Save As" From Main Outpost Menu. Messages can now be saved to a text file without opening them.

#188: Prompt Before Permanently Deleting Messages.

#189: Allows Copying Messages To Another Folder.  Similar to #133 above, but creates a copy of the message in the folder of your choice.



#134: Create a New Message Copy for Forwards And Replies. Preserves the original message when forwarding or replying to it.

#186: Add Message Date/Time to Opened Messages. It was missing from 1.0... sorry :-)

#194: Clean Up Message Form Management.  More of an internal management issue... you should see more consistent behavior on accessing messages.



#137: Supportability Change.  Various changes.

#144: Ability To Hide TNC Session Window.  Stops the session window from popping up when you're doing something else.  This feature is almost where we need to be... still some room for cleaning this up.

#169: Ability To Keep Personal, NTS Messages On The BBS.  Addresses a request for keeping copies of personal messages on the BBS even though they were downloaded.

#171: Resolved Overflow 6 Error on Startup.  This occurred when the TNC Session Manager was aborted leaving an Outpost process still memory resident.  This condition is now checked when starting up Outpost.

#191: Support for the MSYS 1.2 BBS and the "yymmdd" date format.

#192: TNC Session Timer.  Shows how long the session has been in progress on the TNC Session Manager window.

#193: Ensures TNC Session Logging continues on a hang.  Fixes a bug where a TNC Session Hang did not result in any session log entries being recorded.



#109: Interactive Packet Window.  Adds a packet window for manual work with the TNC or BBS.

#187: Supportability Change.

#203: More compact NTS Message Maker Form.  This change makes this form fit better on older, smaller screen PCs or laptops.

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